A lot people think their influencers are going to be their low-cost, no-cost marketing strategies and in all honesty, that is just not the truth.

Influencers DO COST MONEY and some of them cost quite a bit! So if you’re trying to add influencers into your marketing campaign strategy I would say as a safe bet depending on what industry you’re looking into, SAVE $1000!

How Much Do Influencers Cost Influencer Marketing

How Much Do Influencers Cost

Not all influencers will be that expensive, especially if you happen to look through and find junior level experienced influencer or those with mid level follower counts and they may be easier to attain at lower costs or even negotiate with.

Make sure to ask for their media kit and insights along the way and that can also play into your argument about how much compensation on top of a free product may be worth for you and your company. Over EVERYTHING, the numbers have to make sense! If the numbers don’t make sense, either scale down your search or change your content to match the influencer so that the numbers do make sense.

Check out this video going more in depth: