So, have you been through the absolute hell of creating contracts for your clients and having to double back 10 times and call your lawyers 13 times to make sure it sounds right?

We all go through it, especially just starting off but today I COMPLETELY have the solution for you and it’s Bonsai.



To follow along, you will have to be on a desktop computer but I know you’re a professional already, you’ve got that in the bag…

  1. Create a Bonsai Account.
  2. On the Dashboard, click on Create a Contract.
  3. Fill out the “NEW CLIENT” information
  4. Pick your freelance industry.
  5. Fill out your company information.
  6. Make sure to add all tasks that will be bound by the contract.
  7. Add in payment information.
  8. Review contract.
  9. Sign.

And that’s it! Bonsai emails off the contract to your client and you just wait for it to come back!

Here’s a video of me testing it out and doing it under 5 minutes! Enjoy!