Have you ever been to someone’s website and realized that you can’t really do anything with it? It’s just kind of nice looking text with pictures or maybe even less then that? That’s one thing we try to avoid here at Golden Kah Design. We really appreciate design that is made to effective and helps to make things for a business more efficient.

These are my top 5 ways that we create an efficient website for our clients. Even if you’re not a client or potential, jot these things down to make sure your designer is giving you the bare minimum of what you need. Your business should be effective, no matter what platform people find you on.

1️⃣ Online Business Card

Your website should be an online business card for anyone using it. It should have your address, phone number, business hours and basic company information. What these things are called in the web design world is the NAP or Name / Address / Phone Number and having them on each page or in your footer actually helps to make your business more visible on Search Engines such as Google or Bing!

Effective + Actionable: If you’re more visible on Search Engines, you get more unique visitors to your site which equals more new clients. Yes, LEAD GENERATION people, just from having your NAP.  SO ADD IT! And let me know how it goes, but it also leads (see what I did there) us perfectly into number 2…

2️⃣ Lead Generation

You can use your website to gather data so you can access the audience that like what you do and see you as an expert. Whether you’re gathering their name & emails or phone number, gather information as a tool. Most sites are using the “freebie” trend. Honey, nothing is free. You pay in email address or first/last name information. The company benefits from you in receiving data and you can do the same  with your business.

Effective + Actionable:  If you’re an online retailer, get email addresses easier by offering a 10% coupon with every newsletter subscription. This is an easy way to build your email list and with that growing daily, you’ll be able to contact more interested customers for any store updates such as new arrivals or any upcoming sales.


3️⃣ Marketing

You can use your own website to market sales, discounts and product details of course. Some people don’t think of this but the web banners and sale ads are tools that can be used for customers to make decisions (or sway them). The coupon we mentioned up there? Yup, that’s easy marketing. Use what you can to be multipurpose and effective.


Effective + Actionable:  Create a short, easily accessible promotion for all your customers or a win back strategy for people who haven’t shopped in a while.⠀


4️⃣ Retargeting:

Your website can help you to retarget ads you’re using on other platforms to the audience that is interested in your services/products. With the right set-up, you can make your ad dollars on Google or Facebook work in a specific way for your business.

If you’ve never heard of retargeting, it’s basically when someone is led to your site via an ad you post, so via Google Ads or Facebook right? THEN, the ultimate rejection… Even though they were interested ENOUGH to click your ad, they go to the site and they don’t do anything… They don’t buy, they don’t contact… They just leave.

So what retargeting or remarketing does is make your ads follow them around. Because you know maybe they just had a short attention span and they forgot to checkout or maybe they’re still trying to decide.

On average any person may see an ad up to 12 times before taking action, so retargeting makes sure they see it quite enough to make a decision.

Effective + Actionable: Set up a retargeting campaign via Facebook.

5️⃣ Searchability:

With your website using specific keywords for your industry and other techniques, make your business easier to find on Google and other search engines.

Effective & Actionable: Think like a customer and write down keywords that would make sense for them to Google Search and reach YOUR website.



Keep in mind that I said YOUR WEBSITE can do AND SHOULD do all of this for you. Is it currently adding to your business’s strategy or just kind of sitting around? Maybe you’re not even sure what’s it’s currently equipped to do because you having been thinking about it?

If not, I recommend a website audit. I can at least let you know what your website is capable of and if it just needs to be changed, let’s get in touch about revamping with our web design and development services.