It may be a surprise but not everyone is a digital marketer in here with the Instagram title. Hmmmm. It’s tea we shall sip, won’t we?

It actually took me a lot to choose Digital Marketing. I actually got my bachelor’s from University of North Florida in Psychology and I wanted to work in ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) with Autistic kids. I wanted to help them with social cues and reactions/responses with other so they could assimilate better in a public environment.

But after a whole year of trying to get into my field over and over and over again, I just decided that God was speaking to me. He was basically telling me that I was not meant to be in this field.

I had to start listening. So, I sat down and thought about what I loved to do. What I would do for free. Graphic Design was at the top of the list but I wanted to couple my technique and passion with a practical skill that would instantly label me as an asset to any company.

It was between getting an MBA and Marketing and I chose Marketing but specifically digital marketing because I could really use everything I already knew and add to it.

And there was my choice! It was clear as day and I took an amazing program for a Masters in Internet Marketing and have
formal training in Analytics, SEO, Web Usability among other key topics that really shape the way we use the internet to add to our businesses

Digital Marketing courses are quite different than anything you’ve done in school. For our program, we mocked up all of our projects and solutions based on a company we admired or happened to work for. I honestly think it made things difficult because we didn’t have backend numbers to really make decisions like we would in our field. We went through methodology training and other professors were keen to the ideas of giving us concrete numbers to work with so we can really act out what we did.

It was almost like going to trade school. It really was hands on with every course. Every book was meticulously picked for each digital marketing course and at the end you really understood the subjects.

My favorite book throughout the entire program was Mastery by Robert Greene which was an amazing book and is great for anyone in their 20s to read. Talks about purpose and the greats we consider today and how they got to where they are. It was interesting to see that the real key was not quitting because they all had paths filled with successes and failures. I recommend that book to ANYONE. Seriously.

All in all, the program was life changing for me and I would redo my Masters in a heartbeat (but not at that pricepoinnnttt).

If you’re a Digital Marketer, why did you choose it?